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Enjoy  our promotion rate ate RM99/ night if you stay for a week, however the rate is not applicable during school holiday. Make your reservation early and full payment is needed upon booking to get this reduced rate in Kota Bharu KB homestay.

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Promotion- Homestay in Kota Bharu KB

1. This promotion is suitable for family who plan to travel for a long period, more than a week. With this special price, customers can enjoy our special rate at RM99/night. Please take note that this promotion is not applicable during school holiday. Please feel free to enquire or comment anything and we will try our best to fulfil your needs.
2. We have the most attractive promotion for homestay in Kota Bharu KB. Customers can compare the promotion with other guesthouse and we are assure that customers will come back and reserve their homestay with us.
3. This promotion is for customers who plan to bring their family for a long outstation in Kota Bharu KB such as has an attachment with local company ie University of Malaysia, Kelantan.
4. If customers plan to stay for a longer time, more 30 days, please contact us to discuss a monthly rate.


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