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If you come to Kota Bharu KB for vacation, there are many activities you can do during your visit. Here are the list of popular activities in a few places in Kota Bharu KB or nearby.



You can go fishing at Taman Esplanade Kota Bharu KB. This is a free spot for fishing and it is located near to Majlis Perbandaran Kota Bharu KB building. Normally, many people come fishing at night as free light is provided from many lamp posts there. You can bring your family and kids with you as there is a playground nearby. This is a very safe place for fishing with family and you also can enjoy the night view of Kota Bharu KB river. Tourists love to sit and watch fishing activity here while waiting the kids are playing at the playground nearby. Besides Taman Esplanade, there are other places where you can enjoy fishing such as at Beserah beach or paid pool fishing in Indera mahkota and near the airport.


Kota Bharu KB River Cruise

Another activity you can do during your stay in Kota Bharu KB is river cruising. Refer the river cruise map where you can take a cruising boat at jetty Shahbandar located at Taman Esplanade. The ticket for river cruising are available everyday at an affordable price of RM15 per adult and RM8 per child. The river cruising takes about one hour along Kota Bharu KB river.  You can enjoy the traditional fishing village and the inhabitants of the mangrove swamp during the cruising.


Sungai Pandan Waterfall

Picnic and Bathing at Sungai Pandan waterfall is one of the popular activity for Kota Bharu KB residents during the weekend. This waterfall is located near to FELDA Panching, about 25 km from Kota Bharu KB and this nice waterfall is easily accessible by car as it is near to the main road heading to Panching. It takes only 20 minutes driving by car from Kota Bharu KB homestay. Swimming in the natural environment and cold fresh water makes this waterfall a favorite place to visit.



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