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Direction to Kota Bharu KB Homestay

 We are located at the following address;


Blok B, Pelangi kondominium,

Jalan Post office lama,

15000 Kota Bharu KB, Kelantan.


We are strategically located onsite for foreign guests wishing to explore all corners of the city of Kota Bharu. It is situated in Kelantan river in the heart of town. For visitors to Kota Bharu from Kuala Trengganu - Jerteh - Bute, you will enter through the HQ curves. While for those coming from Kuala Krai - Machang - Kok Lanas will come through Bunut Payung.


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If you are using a navigation system Global Positioning Systems GPS, search for the simplest that can be used is to make a search of the 'peg royal' or 'Bank grouper. This is because the building that houses Rainbow Rainbow Mall Riverview Condominiums is located adjacent to peg the monarchy


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Homestay Kota Bharu KB 2011.